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A large white bath

Your Local Bath Repair Service across West Yorkshire

Discover the art of bath restoration with The Bathman, your local choice for bath repair services across West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, and Merseyside. With a selection of solutions, from precise crack and chip repairs to complete bathroom suite re-colouring, we're your cost-effective alternative to a bathroom makeover that doesn't compromise quality.

Professional Service

We Are Specialists

Years of Experience

Call us: 07952 923734

15 Years of Excellence in Bathroom Transformation

The Bathman is your trusted partner for expert bath repair services in West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, and Bradford. With over 15 years of valuable experience, we take pride in being specialists in the field. We are dedicated to providing professional services for domestic and commercial customers.

Is your old tub looking rough, but you don’t want the hassle and cost of replacing it? Resurfacing it is the easiest and most cost-effective alternative to removing and replacing the tub.
The new surface looks great, is durable, easy to clean, and guaranteed, and if properly cared for, it will keep its good looks for years to come.  Call us today.

Repaired bath
About The Bathman

Bath Resurfacing

Discover the magic of transforming your bath without the hassle of a complete replacement. Explore the possibilities, unlock the potential of your existing fixtures, and experience the joy of a refreshed bathroom. Curious to learn more? Take the first step towards a revitalised space by delving into the details of our Bath Resurfacing service. Your new bathroom awaits—click to explore further!

Full Bathroom Suites Re-Coloured

Imagine a seamless, professional re-colouring process that covers stains and imperfections and gives your bathroom a fresh, modern look. Our experienced team, armed with 15 years of expertise, combines precision and skills to ensure a flawless finish. The Full Bathroom Suites Re-Colouring service not only enhances the look of your bath but also offers a sustainable, budget-friendly solution.

Chip Repairs

Our Chip Repair service is designed to address those tiny nuisances with expertise, ensuring your bath looks flawless and inviting once again. Whether it's a minor chip, crack, or imperfection, our team, backed by 15 years of experience, excels in seamlessly restoring your bath to its original glory. Explore the possibilities of a bath that looks as good as new.

I had lots of scratches and chips from an accident with a weighty metal object. Robbi was fantastic. He's a pure expert in what he does and diligently carries out his craft! I would certainly recommend it. Thanks Robbi! I now have a bath that's as good as new to the naked eye… excellent. Adele

Why Choose The Bathman 

 15 Years of Experience: Our long-standing experience speaks volumes about our expertise. We've been serving the community and consistently delivering quality results.

Local Authority: As a local business, we understand the unique needs of our customers.

Trustworthy and Reliable: We've built our reputation on trust. Our clients rely on us for our reliability and commitment to excellence. When you choose The Bathman, you're selecting restorers you can trust.

Call: 07952 923734

A bath being re-enamelled

Our Promise to You

Tidy up after work: At The Bathman, we take pride in transforming your bath and leaving your space immaculate. We ensure a tidy clean-up after the work is done. No mess, no stress; just a beautifully restored bath and a spotless environment, allowing you to enjoy your rejuvenated space without the hassle.
Quality Assurance:  With 15 years of expertise, we are committed to excellence. Our rigorous quality assurance measures ensure that every crack repaired, stain removed, or chip restored meets the highest standards.
Personalised service:  At The Bathman, we understand the uniqueness of each project and cater to your specific needs. 

Don't settle for a worn-out bath.

Call us for a free, no-obligation quote and discover how affordable a bathroom transformation can be.

Call us on: 07952 923734

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